RemoteSafe Key Pouch

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Keyless car fobs are an increasingly common feature of modern vehicles, allowing comfort access and push button start functionality. Unfortunately, as technology has modernised, so too have the methods of the thieves that target them.


Why do I need a RemoteSafe pouch?

Criminals are using signal boosting devices to amplify the proximity signal emitted by the key fob kept inside a property or within your personal belongings. The RemoteSafe pouch is the first step to protecting your vehicle against keyless theft.


How does it work?

Built in nano technology prevents your Remote key fob from emitting its proximity signal on inside the RemoteSafe pouch. This in turn prevents the key signal from being hijacked and amplified for thieves to gain access and start you vehicle, as the car assumes the key is in legitimate proximity to it.


Product Info.

- Beautifully designed with superior feel and finish.

- Highly durable premium PU leather.

- Ideal for safe keeping key fobs in the house and whilst travelling.

- Once sealed inside, your key fob is protected from criminal signal boosting devices.

- Dimensions = 9.5cm x 15cm


Instructions for use.

Place your key fob or contactless card inside the rear section of the pouch (The rear pouch/compartment is the only signal blocking portion of the product)

Close the pouch and fully seal the velcro flap, ensuring no gaps are left. 

Within 5 seconds all signals will be blocked. 

Removing your key fob or contactless card will return all signals to normal within 5 seconds.