Rewire Self Service Tracker - £249.99

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Rewire Self Service Tracking System.


What is a tracker and why do I need a one?

In the event that all else fails and your vehicle is stolen a tracker is your final line of defence and final tool when trying to locate and recover your vehicle. 

How does it work?

Car tracking devices work via GPS satellite navigation. The actual setup is really very simple; the tracker unit transmits a signal to orbiting satellites which relay this information back to the tracking platform.


How much does it cost?

The system is offered at £249.99 by RemoteSafe. Product payment is available through full payment or deposit at checkout. If the £99.99 deposit option is chosen, the remaining £150.00 will be due to the mobile technician on-site in cash, credit/debit card, or through bank transfer.

Product Info.

- Dedicated Phone App

- Online Web Platform

- Live GPS Tracking

- Battery Low Alert

- Battery Disconnect Alert

- Tow-away Alert

- European Cover as Standard

- Location on Demand

- 1 Year Subscription = £60

- Monthly Subscription = £7