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The Can-Phantom Immobiliser provides enhanced protection against the persistent threat of vehicle theft, which continues to increase annually. RemoteSafe installations will ensure a car cannot be stolen with or without a key.


What is a Can-Phantom Immobiliser and why do I need it?

The Can-Phantom Immobiliser, discreetly installed in your vehicle, requires a combination of button presses to be entered before the ignition can be activated - known only to the driver or authorised users. This serves to deter any potential theft attempts and keeps your vehicle safe.


How does it work?

The Immobiliser is unrecognizable to potential thieves, with no LED indicators and operating through the vehicle's digital data network in silence. It features a unique PIN code, up to 20 actions long, created via physical interactions with the car's steering wheel, door panels, and dashboard. The engine will not start until the PIN code is inputted correctly, and the device self-sets and arms automatically upon exiting the car. 

How Long Does the Installation Take?

Installation is a straightforward process, and can be completed at the comfort of the customer's home or place of work in and around the London region. Typical installation slots are available within 5 days. The system fitting takes approximately three hours and a full demonstration of its operation and features will be provided.

How much does it cost?

The system is offered at £499.99 by RemoteSafe. Product payment is available through full payment or deposit at checkout. If the £99.99 deposit option is chosen, the remaining £400.00 will be due to the mobile technician on-site in cash, credit/debit card, or through bank transfer.


What if I need to give my car to a garage for servicing or other form of maintenance?

A 'valet mode' setting is accessible to the driver, allowing the vehicle to start without the sequence input requirement. Perfect when dropping the vehicle off for maintenance or when leaving the car at the airport.


Does it come with a warranty and aftercare?

2 years warranty against the device as well as ongoing support and aftercare.  This ensures long-term security and peace of mind, with the added benefit of access to expert advice.