Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock

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The RemoteSafe Pouch will make life very difficult for criminals to access and start a vehicle. But why not deter the attack in the first place?


Why do I need a quality steering lock?

The Stoplock Pro Elite steering lock is a great deterrent on its own, making your vehicle less likely to be targeted. A professional steering lock that will both deter and physically protect every time.


How does it work?

A steering wheel lock is a locking rod-type device made of metal and plastic that stretches across your car’s steering wheel to prevent it from being steered properly when locked in place. Meaning that if a thief manages to get your car started and attempts to drive it, they won’t be able to drive the car properly, rendering it useless and hopefully deterring the theft altogether.

Product Info.

- Insurance Approved Sold Secure Automotive 'Gold' anti-theft device. Formidable deterrent to even the most craft criminals. Highly visible from outside the vehicle thanks to the bright yellow finish, thieves will opt to look for an easier target. 

- High performance steering wheel locks designed to offer maximum security for a wide range of vehicles.

- Deeper bend and larger forks to create a deeper level of security. 

- Fits 98% of vehicles (please contact us if in doubt)

- Includes a protective case and unique key code (spare key included)


Will this product fit my vehicle?

This product WILL fit 98% of vehicles. If in doubt, please send us aemail and we will confirm fitment.